Cutey P’tootey

Cutey P’tootey is a small & simple dating simulator where you take a fictional character, named Britt, out on a romantic dinner. You’ll have conversations about her favorite activities, while you both enjoy the food that you choose. How the date will go is determined by the answers you give to Britt.

This game was made in the span of a week in collaboration with the Living Lab Applied Game Jam 2017, we were tasked with making a game based on a question about the future of food.
The particular question we got was: How can self-tracking games help people eat better and more sustainable? Or would such games lead to misuse of personal information by governments and companies? Could such risks be captured in a critical game?
We turned the focus of the question towards the misuse of personal information. How can information, gathered from sites & social media, be used for the wrong reasons. We tried to simulate this serious question in a small, comedic dating simulator. Before you start with your date, you do some research using the database of different companies. You can look trough her browser history, social media comments, medical files & her favorite dishes. After your research session, the date starts and it instantly becomes clear for the player that what he’s doing is wrong and twisted.

Project Role:
My role in making the game was creating different 2D assets, to visually represent what’s going on. I’ve made the dishes, menu’s, user interface & logo, as well as partially help with designing the game.


ChitChat is the sequel to Cutey P’tootey, without it being a continuation of the story or it’s characters. It does use the same question that was given to us during the Game Jam, as described in the description of Cutey P’tootey, and the same sensibilities of misuse of personal information.

The game is played in a make-believe browser that gives off the vibe of an old-school 90’s browser. You log in to your OS system and are invited to a chat window with an user called “Cutey”. While chatting, you are able to browse your folders, browse the internet, and download nifty programs to find information regarding your chat partner.
During the game, “Cutey” will ask you questions about everything and anything, while telling you stories that might contradict themselves. It’s up to the player to use the browser to download different apps, find and gain access to restricted files and accounts, and to ultimately find out who this person behind the chat window really is.

Project Role:
I had a big hand in the design phase of this production, where we made a construction of the game flow and each interaction the player would have to make. I also produced a lot of the assets that are used in the game, as well as the small animations that are present.