God Trainee

God Trainee is a hybrid game, a game played with digital & physical elements, where you play as a god in training that tries to stop the hero from entering his lair.
As the god in training, you govern over the icy cold lands as seen from your television. This land is inhabited by little Eskimo creatures that life simple lives and care deeply for the land around them. They trust in god that it will take care of them so nothing bad will happen.
During your first training sessions as the newly appointed god, you make a mistake and use one of your elemental powers to destroy a nearby village. Shocked and scared, the villagers run and are scared for what will happen next. They think their god has forsaken them and are quick to send in a hero to stop you, the evil god.

As a god, you have influence over this world with 4 different physical items. A drum set to cause and control earthquakes, a staff to summon thunder from clouds high above the land, a microphone to summon meteorites with, and last but not least a set of plushies which you can “throw into the other world” by tossing them above the TV. Use these powers to obstruct the hero long enough to fix the village before the hero gets to you.

Project Role:
I had a Producer & Game Design role in the making of this game, which means I was responsible for communicating this project to our client, as well as coordinating the team, planning the production, providing a workable space with physical items, play testing & designing the game. I’ve also provided additional 2D assets such as the animated clouds & logo, as well as documenting our process.