Kei vs Jo

Kei vs Jo is a series of short animations used for an Alternate Reality Game (ARG), where players can vote for their favorite character and change the outcome of the story by participating in small events. The animations depict a red haired girl named Kei, who’s an arrogant artist and secretly a magical girl, and a green alien named Jo, who’s a cocky designer hell bent on changing the world in his image. They hate each others guts and want to prove that one group is better than the other, the artists or the designers.

The production period was very busy & strict, with set deadlines for when each animation would come out. Each animation would be accompanied with a small task for participating players, which could determine the outcome of the next animation. The main challenge was being able to deliver our new content and tasks on time, and be able to start production right after we’ve gathered enough information from our participating players. We experienced first hand how unpredictable and hilarious player participation can be during the events, as well as the very positive reactions it can garner.

Project Role:
This project was made with a fellow student, Tim Hendriksen (he’s a great fellow). We each took the role of one character during the production of this ARG, as well as the animation of said character. In this case, I was responsible for Kei, the red character, and most of the scripting. We would each draw the individual frames in Photoshop in correspondence with the script, and later edit it together. We also used our stellar voices to bring the characters to life!