Marigold is a 3D platformer set in the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos. You play as a child named Niño, who accidentally tripped in an open coffin and was brought to the Land of the Dead. This is where Niño meets his dad, Látigo, who passed away a couple of years ago. While the reunion is heart touching, things get a bit awkward when Niño realizes his dad is… nothing but a spinal cord and a head. Látigo explains to Niño that they are currently on the 4th treebranch of the Land of the Dead, which consists of 7 treebranches in total. Each of these treebranches is home to a city where old loved ones who passed away reside. Niño will have to climb up to the very top of the tree and exit the Land of the Dead within a day, or he himself will become part of the denizens of yore.

Niño is a frail little boy without any special powers or abilities. Like any other kid he can run, jump, talk, stand aloof and be scared for everything he sees. He shouldn’t have to be afraid however, Niño has access to Látigo, who can be used as a whip with which to attack enemies, pull objects or swing across gaps and other terrain. Not only that, but Látigo also knows all the ins and outs of the Land of the Dead, and will be a great conversational partner during your adventure. The goal of each level is to obtain enough marigold flower petals to unlock the next area of the game, which can be obtained by finding them in the environment or by completing side quests given to your by numerous citizens of the Land of the Dead. The current version of the game consists of 1 fully fleshed out level, based on the 4th tree branch of the Land of the Dead.

Project Role:
This project was done in the span of 8 weeks, with a team of 13 students. My main role during this production was Lead Animator, and also the only animator. I was responsible for all of the animations for Niño, the main character, and Látigo, his dad and main source of actions. There are also 2 non-playable characters (NPC) that are provided with smaller animations. I’ve also had a hand in the pre-production of the game, where I helped with the general concept, game design & gameplay elements, as well as providing a bit of concept art during the first weeks of production and general level design guidance.