Mocap & VR Detective Experiment

As the best detective there is, you’re send to an abandoned apartment where a recent murder took place. The murder occurred in a small room near the desk where the victim usually worked. The room is quite dark, and the only hint you get to find the motive behind the murder is the outline of the victim’s found corpse. It’s up to the player to find the hidden clues inside the room to find the truth behind the murder.

As part of a small experiment, we were tasked with using a Motion Capture studio in a new & innovative way. By combining Motion Capture with Virtual Reality, my team and I were able to create a small experience were the player can freely move around a digital representation of the real life room and interact with every single object that was physically there. We used this design concept to make a small detective experience, where you investigate one single room where hidden clues need to be found to solve a murder case. Armed with a flashlight, you search the dark room, pick up items (digitally & physically), find the hidden numbers that are spread around the room and open a small safe hidden underneath the writing desk to unveil a story of money, betrayal & murder.

The player wears a Motion Capture suit and a Virtual Reality headset to enter the experiment. The digital room is an on-scale representation of the real life environment. By using the Motion Capture suit, items like a flashlight and documents can be picked up and moved around in the game, while being felt in real life.

Project Role:
My tasks during the production of this experiment were mainly designing the game (which includes designing the clues given to the player and the general gameflow) as well as testing the Motion Capture and Virtual Reality equipment.