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Running in the 80’s

Running in the 80’s is a small touch-based game that is designed for tablets & mobile phones. In this game, a group of monsters appear from the right side of the screen and try to enter the castle on the left. The player is tasked to fling away these monsters so they can’t get near the castle. 
The game is score-based, meaning the game will continue to play until enough monsters get near the castle to destroy it. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible, while earning a high-score.

This game was made during the Global Game Jam of 2017 where we, as a team of 5, developed the game in 3 days.
The theme of the Game Jam was waves, which came back in the design of the game play & the art style. By flinging the rope underneath the monsters, the player makes waves that fling the monsters up in the air, and away from the castle. There are also flying monsters in the air that can be struck down by flinging walking monsters into them. The general art style is derived from the 1980’s retro wave style.

Project Role:
My job during this Game Jam was to provide the animations for the monsters, as well as make the 3D backdrop models for the clouds & mountains. I’ve also helped with the general design of the game, made a teaser trailer for the end of the Game Jam, and helped keep up the morale during the enormous hours a Game Jam can demand from you.