Sollicitraining is a small, Android based, mobile app that is used as a teaching tool for users that are inexperienced in the field of job interviews. The goal of the app is to create a playful, interactive way to train your speech & mannerisms by having interviews with fictional characters from different fields of work.

The idea behind the app is that users can train themselves in front of a digitized version of the job interview they want to train for. They fill in their details and choose their desired field of work, the app then lays down an interview scenario for the user. The user gets asked a couple of questions and has to answer them directly by speaking to the app. The app then registers the time it took for the player to answer the question, as well as the answer itself. After a successful interview, the data will be compiled into a suitable score, with some feedback for the user. This feedback can then be used in a real life scenario.

The app itself was developed using android studio & java. We’ve also made use of text-to-speech & speech-to-text technology to simulate a job interview for this current prototype.

Project Role:
The prototype version of this app was developed in the span of 4 weeks, with a team of 2 designers, 1 artist & 1 developer.
I took on the role of Lead Designer, as well as Producer, during the development process. I was in charge of making sure all the aspects of the app got together in a cohesive way, as well as designing the concept behind the app, deciding the art style & the general game flow. I’ve also made some additional art, such as the logo.