VR Gravity Experiment

This experiment without a name was a project to expand our knowledge of VR, and how to adapt various game elements in the VR environment.

During a project called “New Technologies”, we were tasked with finding out and breaking the boundaries of Virtual Reality. We were free to choose our experiment, and as such, looked for a convenient way for the player to move freely around a 3D space. In most Virtual Reality games, the player can teleport from place to place by selecting a certain area to teleport to, but the player always has to stand still in the real world and can’t “actually” move. This, in many ways, disconnects the player from the game and makes it feel like the player doesn’t move in the virtual world. We wanted to see if there was a solution for this problem, and how we could apply this solution in a small project.

What we came up with is a zero gravity simulation, where the player uses 2 controllers in both hands to thrust his/her body trough space. The easiest example to give is that the player can move around as if they are using an Iron Man suit. The player can now move around and still stand at the exact spot, but the actions they take have more meaning and bring them closer to the game world. This small action makes the player move around in an enclosed area, while still having the feeling as if they’ve just moved through an extensive area. The player can use this mechanic to freely move around an abandoned space satellite, where the player can look at small details as close as they want and also smack around a couple of space equipment items while they’re at it.

Project Role:
My role in this experiment was coming up with different design choices, such as how the player should move around in the area and what other action he/she can take, which we implemented in this demo. I’ve also helped with the production of some of the 3D space equipment models that are floating in the game world.