Wiebe Ristorante di Famiglia

A real life, physical game that one might describe as an escape room. Wiebe Ristorante di Famiglia tells the tale of Pablo, a henchman gone rouge. Pablo worked for the mafia, and was tasked with delivering cocaine to an undisclosed location. The problem is… Pablo ran away and sold the cocaine for his own gains. The mafia caught up with him and locked him up.

The player is tasked with a simple job, find out where Pablo’s hiding the money… by any means necessary. The play room is divided in 2 parts. You first enter the restaurant, where the mafia boss is dining while being accompanied by four heavily armed individuals. He gives you your task and sends you to the next room, where you find Pablo chained to a chair with graffiti sprayed on the walls & blood everywhere on the floor. There’s also a table with different items, such as a knife, bat, wallet, water & food. The wallet found on the table contains information about Pablo and his family.

The player can force Pablo to answer their question, by mercilessly beating him down and torturing him mentally & physically. They can also try to negotiate with him, by feeding him, promising him that his family will be alright, or by doing the opposite and threaten his family. There are many ways to get different answers out of Pablo and players are free to do whatever they think is the best solution, but act quickly, cause you only have limited time to do so. If you are not able to pinpoint the exact location of the money within a certain time limit… It could be the end for Pablo AND you. You could try to lie, but I wouldn’t advise doing so.

The goal of the project was to create a shocking environment for the player to stumble into. They are forced into a situation with the mafia, where they want to get out of alive. They are then sent to an obvious torture chamber that should confuse the player on what moral action to take, to get the information they need to survive. The shocking scene, combined with the strict time limit and goal, make for an exciting game where the player has to make quick decisions on what to do next.

Project Role:
During this project, my main task was playing the role of Pablo, which also meant I had to witness a lot of “interesting” results from the play tests. I also helped with making the rooms & providing the necessary equipment, as well as writing most of the script.